Day of Painting

Yesterday was a bog and productive day of painting. The previous night I had sprayed the white and green on Kevin’s frame to let it fully dry overnight. First thing in the morning I applied the head tube and down tube vinyl stencils, then sprayed the navy blue (which looks a lot brighter in the pictures). Great care was used to remove the vinyl stencils; it is VERY easy to scrape into the underlying color (green in this case). No mistakes were made and I was happy with how crisp the edges came out. Only three decals were applied: Made in Massachusetts, Made by Anthony Maietta, and the Columbus LIFE sticker. A first clear coat was sprayed and let to sit overnight. Today I will wet sand the decals to get smooth and then re-clear (final clear) this frame. In the afternoon I painted Jason’s frame. He sent me a picture of a frame for inspiration, a few adjectives, and the names of a few colors he wanted; beyond that it was carte blanche with me having design freedom. I love working this way and the painting process was very smooth and methodical. I had a plan, executed it, and there were no issues. This morning I will spray the first clear on this frame. Josh’s couplers arrived yesterday too. I will install his couplers and spray the primer coat today.

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