057 Kevin Weiss Painting

There has been a lot been happening at the shop since the last update. I started doing a retrofit of a 1999 Independent Fabrication Planet X cross frame with S&S couplers. The frame had a pretty well seized seatpost I had to remove first, and was able to successfully complete the removal with an overnight soaking of penetrating oil. As the frame sits right now it is sandblasted bare and I am waiting for the couplers to arrive from California. I also finished manufacture of Jason’s S&S coupled fixed gear road frame and shot the primer on it today. Finally I completed manufacture of Kevin’s dirt road frame. Today I started painting Kevin’s frame. The head tube and down tube will have bright green logos with the rest of the frame being navy blue. Bright colors need a base of white, so the first step was to shoot the head tube and down tube white. The green was then shot over the white and left to dry overnight. Tomorrow morning I will lay the vinyl paint mask on the head and down tubes and shoot the frame navy blue. If I had painted the green on top of the blue you would have seen an amateur looking white halo around the logo. The frame is going to look awesome.

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One Response to 057 Kevin Weiss Painting

  1. Peter W. Polack says:

    I look forward to seeing photos of this frame, finished! Who selected the colors and the scheme?

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