Custom Fender Mounts

Today was another productive day in the shop seeing continues work on Kevn’s dirt road frame. I started the session by mitering and welding the seat stays. Welding fastback seat stays used to be brain surgery, but now its nearly as smooth as the rest of the frame in terms of welding and the sense of accomplishment (practice) is really gratifying. This frame has a lot of braze-ons for maximum versatility. There will be two rear brake options: mechanical (cable) disc or traditional cantilever. As a result of the dropouts featuring the low mount for the disc caliper I schemed up a pretty unique cable routing for the disc option going down the side of the down tube and on top of the non drive side chain stay. I also developed a new (to me) and interesting fender mount. I was brainstorming some ideas and seeing what different pieces I could use, and I had the idea of using a sealed bottle boss in a brake bridge. It worked out perfectly with the OD of the boss matching perfectly to the ID of a brake bridge. At the top of the bottle boss a very cool ring was created. I made two; one for the seat stays and one for the chain stays. I am very please with how they came out. I also added the top tube cable guides and pieces for the front derailleur routing on the back of the seat tube. Friday I will finish the frame and get it sandlbasted and primed.

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