Dropout Modification

Dropout Modification by anthony.maietta
Dropout Modification, a photo by anthony.maietta on Flickr.

Yesterday was one of those days in the shop where I just had a singular task on my agenda. I like to have a pretty clear plan for the day when I go into my shop to help keep me focused, and when you get it done and its time to go home you feel a real sense of accomplishment. Plate dropouts are not a TIG welders favorite thing to see come across the horizon, but I think I have developed my new system. For this frame Kevin wanted to use low mount (chain stay mount) disc brakes, which look a lot cooler than traditional seat stay mount disc brakes. Paragon Machine Works makes some really nice dropouts for this style of brake and we decided to use them. Hooded dropouts are in a TIG welders wheelhouse and they allow you to weld every joint on the frame and not deal with flux dripping issues inside tubes (particularly problematic when you weld one end of the stay at the bottom bracket). Yesterday I figured out a process to shape the tabs of the Paragon plate dropouts and weld on some arc’ed hoods. They came out awesome, and once they’re painted you will never notice they were welded on hoods. I also mitered the chain stays for the dropouts and the bottom bracket. Finally the chain stays were welded to the dropouts and dry fitted in the Anvil frame fixture. Today I will do the same process for the seat stays and weld the frame complete.

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