Kevin’s Dirt Road Frame

Yesterday I fully personified the builder/painter title I like to give myself. In the morning I wet sanded Tristan’s frame after the first clear, touched up a few spots, then shot the final clear. Before lunch it went in the oven to cure, and by the time I came back it was ready to receive it’s final 2000 grit sand and buffing. It made it on the UPS truck by 2pm, and it was on its way to Vermont in time for collegiate nationals. Within a half hour I was working on the next frame in the build list, Kevin’s dirt road frameset. Yesterday afternoon I mitered the front triangle, cleaned all the tubes and welded the seat tube topper to the seat tube. I only had an hour or so today to spend in the shop, so I just welded the front triangle and called it a day. The welding was very smooth today and I am really excited how this one is turning out. The rear triangle is going to have some pretty interesting stuff going on.

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