056 Beginnings

056 Beginnings by anthony.maietta
056 Beginnings, a photo by anthony.maietta on Flickr.

Yesterday I started on a replacement frame for Tristan Baldwin. I build a frame for him as part of the Team CF group last year around this time and used the geometry a local fitting service provided him (out of common courtesy I won’t mention that shop). I built the frame without seeing the customer’s dimensions and as it turns out, it was way off. I told Tristan I would build him a new frame designed by me at my cost; in return he’s going to race the hell out of it and spread the good Maietta word. This frame is going to be STIFF. ultra compact triangle with 42mm DT, 31.7mm TT, 31.7 ST and huge stays. Should be ready for paint by the end of the day today.

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One Response to 056 Beginnings

  1. Peter W. Polack says:

    Out of curiosity, and without referencing the shop’s name, could you post or describe the differences between the geometry that the shop came up with versus your design?

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