Front Triangle Welding

Thursday and Friday evening’s last week saw more progress on Jason’s road frame. Thursday I tackled the chain stay to dropout interface. As a TIG builder plate dropouts are a bit of a speed bump in the production process. For this frame I modified some Paragon Machine Works seat stay bullets for the end of the chain stays with slots. Friday evening I completely welded the front triangle. The process started with welding the stainless steel seat tube top to the seat tube. This reduces the ID of the seat tube down to 27.2mm from 30.6mm and allows the area where the seat post clamp goes to be left bare metal (no paint chipping). The main tube welding was very smooth. The tubes were immaculately cleaned and the miters were very tight. Following my tacking, inspecting and welding technique the front triangle is very (very) straight and I am very happy with how it came out. I welded the chain stay bullets to the chain stays and silver soldered the dropouts in the slots. I started some of the cleanup work on the silver solder, but did not finish it. The rear triangle is on deck for next week. The frame is turning out as one of the best yet!

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