Back in the Groove

Last night I finally felt like I was back in the groove post NAHBS. Its pretty amazing to think it took a month to do so, but I had to unpack from NAHBS and find a place for everything, I finished painting a client frame I built before NAHBS, I painted a stem, I built and painted a frame from scratch, I completed an S & S coupler retrofit on a ’91 Stumpjumper and did some contract painting for Cervelo. When you put the number of hours I do in the shop (what I can squeeze in!), cleaning up loose ends and completing random projects have a way of eating up a month. It feels great to have one frame in the shop that I will do from start to finish with nothing else interfering. With the number of dedicated machines I have there is no efficiency added in doing things in batches; for me batches are just extra clutter in the shop. I started working on Jason Pierce’s fixed gear road frame. Not to be confused with an urban “fixie”, this is a full-on road frame, but with horizontal dropouts. His frame will use Paragon dropouts that have horizontal openings, but with a derailleur hanger (and a bottle opener on the non-drive side, so it will have all the braze-ons for a geared road frame. The frame will also have S & S couplers. The front triangle came together perfectly with no issues. It was a very methodical bing-bang-boom and the time just melted away as I have some live Phish blaring in the background. After 5 pm I am essentially the last one left on the whole building campus, so I can make about as much noise as I want; and playing loud music is a true joy! The couplers are brazed in and all the front triangle braze-ons are installed too. I really like to keep the top tube, down tube, seat stays and chain stays all completely sealed and adding all the braze-ons before welding allows me to do so without inducing any additional stress in the frame and ensures no flux remnants are bouncing around in the tubes. The front triangle will be welded tomorrow night, and then its on to the rear triangle.

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