New Welding Torch

Yesterday afternoon I picked up a new TIG welding torch from my local Airgas shop. I had been reading about the CK Worldwide torches for quite some time and they come highly recommended from Carl Strong. One of their best features in the lightness of both the torch body and the hose. The SuperFlex hose has a nylon sheathing and is very flexible and extremely lightweight. The torch body only weighs 3 oz and has a rigid head at 90 degrees. I chose the CK130 because it was a perfect balance of amperage, weight, and the head configuration. Having a lightweight setup with a rigid head at 90 degrees will allow me to hold the torch in more comfortable positions and keep the head perpendicular to the tube joint.

The 3/4″ gas lens I use on my Weldcraft 17 didn’t fit and I was about to buy the alumina gas lens for the CK setup. However, I did some research on the CK website and read about their Gas Saver system. It claims to save 40% on the argon used and maintains a more consistent and uniform flow of purging gas. This more uniform flow allows you to extend the tungsten electrode up to 2″ out from the edge of the pyrex shield (great for the seat stay crotch). The shield is not pink opaque alumina its clear pyrex, so in theory you are able to see the work piece much better. I should have everything up and running next week and I can’t wait.

I’ll be selling my Weldcraft 17 setup with my gas lens and all the related collets once I confirm this new setup works.

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