5th Anniversary Ambigram

At one point I tended to this tread with an embarassing amount of activity. Cliches happened (I got busy at my day job, I got busy at my shop, etc) and I left this for a while.

Please ask questions. I have a renewed sense of dedication to this thread, and would like to see it get a lot more activity.

About 6 weeks ago I realized that 2011 would mark the 5th year I have been a legit business entity with liability insurance, accepting money for bikes, etc. Back in early 2006 after a few years of welding tube samples in the back room of Hot Tubes I was getting my ducks in a row and comissioned [URL=”http://www.johnlangdon.net”%5DJohn Langdon [/URL]to create an ambigram of my last name as my company logo. As has been told ad nauseum I built Maietta #2 for his daughter in exchange for the logo; and at the time he actually provided me with 4 versions that were 95% complete. I choose the one I liked best and it has been my logo for the first 50+ Maietta frames:

John allowed me to keep the original sketches of the other 3 and I have kept them to myself. A few weeks ago I asked John to finish one of the other skeches to commemorate my 5th year in business. I have looked at my logo enough that the new one and the old one have similar design principals visible to me (not sure how obvious they are to the general public), but the new one has a distinct medieval feel to it:

I am very happy with it and the new ambigram will be on the down tube of a very special 5th Anniversary bicycle that will be in my booth at NAHBS in Austin. Additionally it will be an intregal part of a batch of 5th Anniversary frames I will be unveiling in the near future that will include some parts designed by Aaron Hayes and some new materials I am experimenting with.

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2 Responses to 5th Anniversary Ambigram

  1. Eric Pfeiffer says:

    Tony – how cool is that! Great look and congratulations on 5 years of getting to do something you truly love and are good at (is that bad grammar?).

  2. Peter W. Polack says:

    Keep posting pictures of finished frames, and even repaired and painted frames. To me, it’s the eye candy that sells me.

    And if you’re truly interested in being more active on your blog, how about posting your thoughts on how you design a frame, what are your preferences for how you want your bikes to handle, and your assembly techniques?

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