Road Frame for South Carolina


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This week I have been working on a road frame for Joachim in South Carolina. I am using Columbus Spirit tubing and it will be shipped with an ENVE 2.0 fork and a Chris King headset. The paint is going to red, white and black and will be very slick. He gave me a few “inpirational” pictures for guidance, but is leaving the ultimate scheme to me. I thrive under that creative freedom.

The Spirit tubing is very thin walled (half a mm), but looks and rides fantastic. The top tube is an eloganted octagon and the down tube is a bi-oval. I have been employing a lot of new techniques on this frame and I really like the flow. I spent a good 2-3 weeks making improvements to the shop and process and I can really notice the difference. I will have the frame complete tonight and ready for paint by the end of the week.

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