2010 Boston Area Handmade Bicycle Exhibition

2010 B.A.H.B.E.

Originally uploaded by anthony.maietta

Its been a pretty crazy past three weeks and I fear I’ve approached the cliche “I haven’t posted here in a while” range, but not quite yet. I was in Manitona, Canada for a week, home for a week, then in Portland, Oregon for a week. Tough to get a rhythm going in the shop with such discontinuity. During the week between the two business trips I have the fortunate opportunity to exhbit at show billed the Boston Area Handmade Bicycle Exhibition. The show was in an industral art gallery about a half mile from Fenway Park in Boston. I wasn’t on the original invite list, but was able to squeeze in at the last minute; I really think it was just an hoest mistake by the organizers.

The participants filled out quite the nice family tree: Seven Cycles with former employees Icarus, Salia, and Royal H. Fat City alumn Mike Flannigan and Iglehart. Mike Flannigan-started Independent Fabrication. Mike Flannigan apprentice Geekhouse. Hot Tubes (former painter for Seven and IF) former apprenctices Maietta and Circle A Cycles. Matt Budd and Quiros were thrown in there to boot. The place was PACKED and Brooklyn Lager was gratis and flowing all night. I gave out a couple hundred business cards while displaying a cross bike owned by Dave Chiu. Thank you to Open Bicycle for the last minute addition. Still trying to spread the word and get as much positive exposire as possible.

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