Front Triangle Welding

Front Triangle Welding

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Tonight I welded the front triangle for Dave Chiu’s primary cross race bike. The welding was without incident and yielded some very tight beads. Tight miters make for for tight beads. Tonight was a night for reflection. I left my digital camera at home this morning, so I couldn’t take any in process pic at my shop. I brought the front triangle home to take pictures and post; and my wife commented how it was like 6 years ago when I first started welding and I would bring home samples to show her…though what I’m bringing home now looks just a touch different. It is amazing to see the difference from then until now. I always say TIG welding isn’t hard; its just practice, practice, practice. These welds will disappear under the white paint the joints will see and this bike is going to look hot. Off Topic: I also did some stained glass repair work for my wife. I hadn’t done any stained glass work in years, and it felt really good to hold a soldering iron again. I’d like to teach Lauren some basics this winter as timer permits.

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2 Responses to Front Triangle Welding

  1. miller says:

    Great stuff you got here. Agreed with you that using the CDI provided scopes with Spring is pretty simple

  2. admin says:

    Great Post, I’ll look forward for your next writing. I just learned about this topics recently, your posting give me a second thought, thanks.

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