Sanding Decals and Final Coat of Clear

Tonight in the shop I wet sanded the decals on Dave Chiu’s team cross frame and sprayed the second/final coat of clear. The decals were sanded with 600 grit sandpaper. For the last coat of clear I use PPG 2021 with extra 895 reducer to aid in creating a very wet looking and glossy finish. I use about twice as much reducer at the spec calls for to reduce dry spots. You have to be really careful shooting clear this reduced because you are constantly on the knife edge of glassy smooth and drip city. I let frame air dry for 24 hours to allow a very slow and controlled curing. After a 24 air dry I will then bake it in an oven for an hour to finish the curing process. After the time in the oven I will wet sand any dust ticks or other imperfections with 2,000 grit sandpaper and buff smooth.

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