Sanding Decals Between Clear Coats

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Last night in the shop I sanded the decals smooth on the NAHBS GPS frame I am selling. This is an extra process that I feel distinguishes between a top shelf paint job and an ultra-premium paint job. The decals have a thickness to them that can be felt under the first coat of clear. If left unsanded the decals will still be very strong, but you’ll be able to feel them and see the ripple of the clear on top of them. Once the first coat of clear is properly cured I used 600 wet/dry sand paper to sand the decal area and achieve a completely smooth surface. The initial work is done wet with water. I have to be very careful as to not sand through all the layers of clear! The final work is done dry, which enables you to see any high or low spots you missed with the wet sanding. As long as you do this within a few days of the initial clear coating you do not need to wet sand the rest of the frame. After a thorough cleaning I shoot another coat of clear on the frame and the decals are perfectly smooth. They look like they’re under glass. Doing this extra step really makes the difference.

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