Senator Kerry in the Maietta Shop

Many of you commented and/or saw my snippet of a news blurb on my Facebook Feed yesterday afternoon when I had the pleasure of welcoming Senator John Kerry into my shop along with his Boston Assistant Greg.  He is a huge cycling fan and he was having a Cervelo frame painted by Toby at Hot Tubes next door.  I showed up at my customary time in the afternoon and thought I would pop into Hot Tubes to say hello; low and behold the Senator was standing right there.  He absolutely has a presence about him; its pretty amazing.  I’m not one to be starstruck, but I was a bit.  I introduced myself and he said, “Hi, I’m John Kerry”, and I’m thinking to myself…duh!  I was thinking of telling him I voted for him in 2004 for President (which I did), but thought it would be weird.  Toby pretty quickly said I had my framebuilding shop next door across the hall, and the Senator said, “Let’s go check it out.”  So we did.  It was all quite surreal and its quite cliche, but he really is a friendly down to earth guy.  He walked into my shop and the first thing he said was, “This is very cool!”.  He was in there for about 20 minutes and I gave him a lesson on tube mitering, how I have dedicated setups for the different machines, brazing vs. welding, and how I do my own painting.  The story has a bit of its own full circle moment.  My wife and I have Boston Celtics season tickets and two years ago our seats were next to two lawyers from a firm in Boston.  Eventually, though the course of the season, they became frame clients of mine and I found out one of the partners in their firm is Senator Kerry’s personal attorney.  I gave Senator Kerry my business card and I will follow up by mail with a thank you note.  However, I did make contact with my customer at the law firm in Boston today; he said we should grab a beer with the Senator in Boston this August…so maybe I’ll get to follow up in person.  After his new yacht headlines this past week, he might want to trade his Canadian Cervelo for a Made in Massachusetts Maietta!

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