A Maietta Bicycle in Italy

This afternoon I received three pictures from a customer of mine in Italy.  He purchased just a frame from me and built it up himself over the last 4 months.  Truth be told, he is my first international customer, so the entire process was thrilling.  Our meeting was a true modern event where he heard about me and my work through social media.  He actually is a member of the VSalon and had followed my Flickr and blog for quite some time.  I am positive this sale would not have happened 10 years ago…how would he have found me!  While he orginally commissioned me to build him a titanium frame (back when I thought I could build one), we eventually developed a strong enough connection where he still purchased a steel frame from me after I made the decision that was my only currently available material.  He had steel frames in the past, but had wanted the sexiness of Ti.  Looking back on it now, he feels steel was the ultimate correct decision for him, its funny how things work out.  The frame was a real collaborative effort and we exchanged numerous emails and chatted frequently on gmail.  28mm tires, fenders, and comfort for 100K+ rides were balanced against very responsive (almost race like) handling, light weight to climb mountains, and efficiency for 100K+ rides.  He chose a nice Shimano mountain gruppo to go along with a Columbus carbon cross fork and Ritchey components.  While the attached photos do not show the frame with fenders, they were supplied with the frame.  He reports the frame is everything he hoped for and fits perfectly.  This success was a very rewarding feeling on my part, having never had the chance to meet him face to face; a true testimonial for future customers who are hesistant about ordering a custom frame without having met the builder.  The international transaction was effortless with PayPal for payments and US Postal for shipping (though the customs delays did cause a few tense days).  We are already talking about a frame for his sister, and we contiue to chat about cycling in Italy, the NBA Finals, or pretty much anything else to get the other culture’s perspective.

Pic 1 Pic 2 Pic 3

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