Repair for Dad

Last night I popped into the shop for a brief visit to continue the work on a repair for my Dad’s much beloved Bridgestone MB-2.  Its circa early 90’s and I’m sure it has thousands and thousands of miles on it.  It hasn’t been an everyday rider for some time, but he always kept it tuned as a spare bike when people came to town.  The rear dropout cracked a bit ago, and my dad had/has the good fortune of having a framebuilder (me!) in the family.  I finally feel like I’ve caught my breath in the shop, so I decided it was as good a time as ever to tackle the repair.  The first thing I did was sandblast the area to get a better look.  To avoid having to replace the dropout which I’m sure aren’t available anymore I decided to TIG weld the dropout back together.  The silver from the original dropout/chain stay brazing caused some pitting/splatter during the weld, so I went back in after to fill the area with silver.  The next step is to file the silver to shape.  It’s going to be as strong, if not stronger than before!  A full paint restoration and NOS SunTour components will be next.  This thing will be fit for a museum when we’re done, but don’t worry it will get ridden hard again…

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One Response to Repair for Dad

  1. Steve says:

    I had a Bridgestone MB-3. I can understand why your dad loves it so much

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