Dirty Night

Last night was a dirty night in the shop.  The plan was to begin the down tube replacement on the NAHBS GPS frame.  Quickly into the evening I was covered in grinding residue, so I decided to just get completely filthy and do as many other dirty jobs in the shops as possible.  Looking at the month out agenda, I had a cross frame repaint for Dave Chiu and a cracked dropout repair/paint restoration on my Dad’s Bridgestone MB-2.  With a fresh iced coffee by my side, I tackled it all.  The down tube on the GPS bike is gone, in the trash, into the annals of history.  The Bridgestone rear dropout was repaired and the entire frame was sandblasted clean.  The cross bike for Dave is about half stripped (you can only take so much heat from the sandblasting suit!).  I also took the opportuity to do some more cleaning in my shop, throwing out a lot junk and trying to eliminate as much clutter from my space as possible.  Tonight, I’m going to zip in for a hour and finish stripping Dave’s frame and spray the primer on my Dad’s MB-2.  In the New England humidity it will start rusting in days if left bare (sometimes hours).

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