Happy Customers

Charlotte and Tristan picked up their complete bikes last night.  It appears both were super excited to get out and hammer some miles on them.  I got two brief ride reports today:

charlotte: Bike is amazing!!!
went for a ride today
me: NICE
im glad you are happy with it!
charlotte: such a big difference to have a bike that fits me!

Tristan: “Best Bike I’ve Ever Ridden”

I just took the new bike out for a real quick ride to open my legs up for the race later today and WOW.  The bottom bracket is as stiff if not stiffer than my S-Works SL2 and the head-tube stiffness is bar none.  I did efforts over 1000 Watts on grades of about 12% or more and the BB didn’t even waiver.  I did efforts from a near standing start in my easiest gear and normally that will make any bike flex, but not the Maietta.  I also did some  flying 53-11 efforts and still no flex up front or at my feet.  Oh, I forgot to mention, I rode over some chip seal and it felt as smooth as fresh poured concrete.
Thank You,
Tristan Baldwin

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