VSalon Smoked Out Question 4

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I noticed 2 mtbs on your Flickr page, are those the only ones you’ve built? Do you see yourself more of a road/cross builder, or are you happy to build what people come to you for?

Btw, I love how you used (what I think to be) a seatstay bridge reinforcement under the seat binder. Very nice bike.

You are correct sir, only the 2 in my portfolio. I do ride a hardtail mountain bike, and I feel comfortable designing and building them, but I get the impression the market for custom/steel/hardtail mountain bikes is a very small potion of the greater custom market. I’d love to try a full suspension frame with a Ventana rear, but haven’t found the customer to do so (maybe me for next summer?). When I first started building I would take on pretty much any project, but as I get more experience, and I am not mining for orders, I have become able to build what I want (or at least is seems to have developed into that). You also attract what you know I think. As it sits right now I have a professional job and I ride on the road after work in the afternoons to release stress and enjoy being outfoors. I feel I know the needs of this customer very well and can personally relate to those needs as I design and build a frame. I don’t ride, and never have been on, a fixed gear. I don’t ride a city bike with baskets, racks, and mustache bars. I don’t ride on a track. I don’t tour with panniers. I have built frames for all these purposes, but I don’t know these needs very well. As I have gained more experience I have learned to know a little more of what I don’t know. While the aforementioned frames turned out well, they basically involved the cusomter giving me a geometry sheet and asking me to make “this”. I know road bikes and cross bikes more than any other style, so I think I attract those customers more than anything else.

Good catch, that is a seat stay bridge on the back of the seat tube.

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