VSalon Smoked Out Question 3

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Also, what type of bike turns you on the most and if you were building your own dream bike what would it be?

I have to admit I find Jeff Jone’s Ti mountain bike frames to be some of the sexiest bikes out there. He hasn’t uploaded much new content to his page in a while, but I always find myself going back and looking at the same pics over and over again. The curves and complexity of his work (added with the ever-present “how the f did he weld that?”) make his bikes ones that I just am always absolutely awed by.

My dream bike, as of right now, it not all the spectacular and one that I plan on building in the near future for myself. My engineering travels are always taking me to in-the-middle of nowhere places in North America and I really want my own road bike with S & S couplers, a Garmin turn by turn GPS computer. I go Big Rapids, Michigan; Swan River, Manitoba; Maniwaki, Quebec; Fort St John, British Columbia; Houton, Maine…and I just want to have my bike with me. My current road bike, Maietta #001, is not really setup for being my travel companion…and it has too much sentimental value to give to the ::cough cough:: trusted hands of Air Canada. It would be a dream to collaborate with Dario on the paint for it; maybe have he and I painting it with each working on it for 30 minutes, then swapping back and forth to see what we end up with at the end of the day.

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