VSalon Smoked Out Question 2

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Hi, interesting GPS bike you had at NAHBS, any other different/creative stuff you have going on over there? Also, if you were to do a collaborative build a la Dario/Vanilla, which builder would like to collaborate with and why?


The GPS bike produced a lot of nice compliments at the show, but it didn’t really have the bump I was hoping for. People really liked the idea of being able to find their bike if it was lost or stolen, but the the $30 per month service fee for the tracking service made it cost effective for such a small group of people. There were a lot of complications with that show bike and although I used the smallest commerically available real time GPS device, it still required a 1.75″ down tube. The idea has merit, but the execution needed a lot more work.

I am working on the design for one very special project this summer. Its for my friend (link) who was in the cycling accident and for whom I raffled the bike late last year. It is going to be a tandem for he and his girlfriend. The rear is either going to be a tryke or a conventional with adjustable stabilizers that will retract as he gets more stability. I have never built a tandem or a tryke, and I’ve never even seen a tandem tryke, so its going to be a real challenge. Its for such a worthy cause that it will be a real joy to do regardless of the challenges.

As for the collaboration, I’m going to sleep on that one and get back to you in the morning.

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