Tight Miters and NAHBS

After finishing Brianna’s fixed gear frame two nights ago I immediately started on the next Maietta. Both of these frames will be on display at the North American Handmade Bicycle Show in Richmond, Virginia at the end of February. The bike I started last night will be for sale (54cm ST and 54.5cm TT) at the show (or beforehand if you want to snatch it up). Its going to be a road bicycle with S &S couplers. That’s about all I am wiling to divulge at this point. There will be no pictures of the front triangle on this bike as it will have a feature I have never seen on any other bike in the world. The feature will be very useful and promises to garner a lot of attention. Last night I mitered the seat stays and chain stays for this frame. The chain stays are s-bend Columbus Life and the seat stays are straight single taper Columbus Life. I have really learned how to use my Anvil stay mitering fixtures and have been producing some very tight miters lately. One of the keys to TIG welding fastback seat stays with thin gage tubing is having very very tight miters…no gaps. Take a look at the picture…SUPER tight. These certainly won’t be easy, but at least I’m setup for success. I probably won’t be in the shop tonight, but look for some progress on the rear triangle of this frame early next week.

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