Fastback Seat Stays

Fastback Seat Stays

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Last night I attached the rear triangle to the complete front triangle on Brianna’s fixed gear. This involved mitering the chain stays and seat stays. I use Anvil jigs to simplify this process tremendously. There is a certain mystique about using hacksaws and files to cut miters for framebuiding, but these jigs make the job so much more accurate and efficient its really a no brainer for me. The chain stay mitering fixture is very slick and easy to setup: one cut and your done…perfect everytime. The seat stay fixture has taken me a little bit more time to hone in, but I think I am finally to the point where I can get tight miters in one or two cuts. This picture shows the seat stay miter for “fastback” style stays. 99% of the frames I build have stays in this style. They are by far the lightest and strongest method for attaching seat stays to the seat tube. They are also the hardest to weld. It took me a very long time to gain proficiency welding these, and they are by no means simple now…but certainly better than a couple years ago. Tonight the frame will see completion and be ready for paint. We’re still nailing down the details for this one, but it should be hot!

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