Maietta Cycling Powered by the Sun

Back in August I received word from the owner of the building where I rent shop space that he would be investing in solar panels to power the campus.  At 325,000 square feet of total space this was going to be quite the undertaking.  Eric said, “After months of planning, Phoenix Park may be installing a new Solar Photovoltaic Energy system this Fall.  We recently entered into an agreement with Alteris Renewables to install the system subject to Local and State approvals.   The majority of the solar panels will be installed on the roofs which will be unnoticeable from the ground, and the majority of the balance of the system will be installed on unused land behind Buildings I and H.  Permitting and planning are underway and we should know by the end of August if we receive the necessary approvals. ”

Well as it turns out, we did recieve all of the permits and needed approvals.  Today I can officially say that all bicycles built at my shop in Shirley, MA are constructed with power from the sun.  This has really been a dream of mine for quite some time and its pretty cool to have happen, albeit in a roundabout fashion.  My ultimate goal is to have a shop at my house completely off the grid and powered with solar panels.  While this setup in Shirley is not the ultimate goal; it is a very nice intermediate step.

I rent space in an old rope factory in Shirley, MA.  It is a very nie building 1/4 mile from the MBTA commuter rail stop in Shirely and only 2 miles off Exit 36 on Route 2 between Devens and Leominster.  One of the Top 3 upgrades from my last shop space are the cleaned daily bathrooms.  I don’t have to feel embarassed sending customers to the bathrooms now!!  You can see pictures of the campus here.

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