Bring Gabe Back East Winner Picked

Saturday Gabe picked the winner!  We raised more than $14,000 through 700+ tickets!  Thank you to everyone that donated; this has been truly amazing to see so many people donate to this cause.  Gabe’s mom, Donna, had a few very nice words to say, “When Kierie [Gabe’s girlfriend] and I were counting the tickets it was heart warming to see so many familiar names from Gabe’s youth and college years.  Also the multiple ticket buyers from senior friends and really good friends in the City and among our relations. Even the Kentfield staff bought 10 tickets or so and they are our little “family” out west.”

As a genuine thank you to all of those of donated, but were not the winner, all non-winning ticket buyers are welcome to receive a 20% discount towards the purchase of a Maietta frame/complete bicyle.  Desposits for this special must be received by Gabe’s birthday on January 15th.  Additionally, I will try to work quickly with the winner to have the bicycle on display in my booth at the North American Handmade Bicycle Show in Richmond, VA next February.  Sean Lambert , the President of ROL Wheels, has very graciously donated a pair of ROL Volant wheels to the winner’s bicycle.  Please take a moment to go to his website too and check out his amazing products.

Here are some photos of Gabe picking the winner and a video.

And the winner is…

Jarrett Shamlian

We are guessing he’s from the NYC area based on his 347 area code…but with cell phones these days we don’t really know…I will be contacting him this morning!


Tony Maietta

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3 Responses to Bring Gabe Back East Winner Picked

  1. nooneline says:

    Wow. Over $14000. I am so damn proud of our cycling folks…

    Jarrett’s a solid dude. Good for him.

  2. OH. MY. GOD.

    Thank you fate.

    Thank you Gabe.

    Thank you Tony.

    Thank you Bueno.

    I’ve never been happier.
    Now get back east!!!!


  3. Sir Pent says:

    Over 14K is awesome!

    If you need a theme-song, we’d love for it to be a LIZARDS FROM AFAR song! You can have any you want at:

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