Catching Up

I have been catching up in the shop this past week and checking a few projects off as being complete (or making good progress on!).  I completed and shipped out Christian Lear’s road bike out to Colorado and I made some very good progress on the construction on my paint booth.  The paint booth I bought on Craig’s List a few weeks back has been sitting about half complete in the back corner of my shop as I prioritized the completion of a few bikes.  I was able to procure a very good condition storm dorm of CL, but installing it to the front of a sheet metal room with the proper installation of filters has taken a lot more time than I had budgeted.  The room IS coming together well and it will be very nice when its done.  Being able to paint in my own shop has been a dream for quite a while…I’m getting close!

I also scheduled a titanium welding tutorial from Mike Salvatore from Seven Cycles.  He will be in my shop tomorrow morning to critique my setup and to give me some pointers so Dave Chiu’s cross bike is safe and reliable.  I’ve heard many times that welding Ti is easier than welding steel if you have the right setup, so Mike is coming out to my shop to help guide me in the right direction with respect to my setup and purging.  Hopefully we will make some good headway tomorrow and at least get the front triangle welded.

Next week I will be in Quebec City doing business for my day job, so I am going to try and make this weekend as productive as possible!


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