Iowa State Flag: The Last Piece

Today I finished and will ship out Christain’s complete road bicycle today. The timing on this one lined up pretty amazingly as I will be shipping his bike out to him on Veteran’s Day and he just got home from a deployment in Iraq about a week ago. I had everything else complete, every cable adjusted, bar tape perfect, everything…except one small decal on the top tube. Though he lives in Colorado now, he wanted to pay tribute to him home state of Iowa. Now if this was the French flag, Italian flag, or any other tri-band I would have just painted the colors on, but the Iowa flag has an eagle and ribbon with the state name in a tiny font. I had the crew down at SSS Ink in North Carolina make an actual decal. I asked for one and they sent me 20! If you know anyone from Iowa who would want one; let me know and I’ll send a few out fre of charge!

To add the decal I wet-sanded the area of the top tube where the flag would go with 2000 (yes 2,000) grit sand paper. Apply the decal and spray a bit of clearcoat over the top. The bike, minus the wheels, goes into the oven to cure the clearcoat and the area is again wet sanded with 2000 grit sandpaper. Finally, I will buff the area with an automotive grade buffing compound and you will never know that the decal was added later.

Tonight I will also pack the bike with copious amount of bubble warp around every tube and send the bicycle out to his local bike shop in Colorado.

Thank you for the order Christain!

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