Putney Cross Race Report 11.01.09

Posted by Maietta Factory Racer Scott Brooks

Race: Masters 35+

The Putney cross race is a New England classic.  With an old school course that wraps around the West Hill bike shop before dropping down a greasy slope, through cornfields and into the storied run-up.  The run-up is about a 60 degree climb that creates a very spectator friendly event.

The race started off very well.  I took the hole shot into the barriers, remounted in first then settled into a nice hard pace.  Halfway through the first lap, I had slipped into the middle of the pack, but was riding with four other people that frequently beat me by several places.  We traded pulls and punches for the better part of four laps.  The technical sections saw me slip to the back of this group, while the flats and straightaways had me going off the front.  With half a lap to go, one of my competitors attacked hard in a corner and went down.  I slipped around him and attacked the remaining part of the group.  Having completed the technical sections, I pushed the pace on the flats.  All that was left was the monster run up.  My body was gassed, but I could literally hear the wheels behind me.  Pushing harder, but amazed that another rider was staying with me, I glanced over my shoulder.  It wasn’t another rider, but my own bike that was causing me to push my pace.  I remounted at the top of the hill and completed the sprint.  A fine race on a perfect fall day.  I finished just outside the top 15 on a very competitive race.Putney Hole Shot

Putney Hole Shot 2

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