Northampton Race Report 11.08.09


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Posted by Maietta Factory Racer Anthony Maietta

Today I raced in the Cycle Smart International; which in it’s 19th year is actually the oldest UCI sanctioned cross race in America. The weather was absilutely perfect for racing and Lauren made the early morning trip from Worcester to Northampton to cheer me on. My tardiness with registration put me in the last row of 125 riders and made for a very slow start. After the start auxillary loop spit us out at the start line we completed another 5 laps of the course in Look Park. About a lap and half in I really felt like I was in good groove; my lack of cycling training it mildly bouyed by the running I do at lunch during the week. I could hear Mike Zanconato shouting some encouraging words on the flat grass dragstrips and it was a really motivator to bridge up to groups in front of me. The course was really divided into two plateaus with a steep run up and a very steep descent separating the two. The bottom section was all grass with a sand pit and the UCI sanctioned barries. The top section was very rooty and twisting through the woods. I ended up finishing around 80th out of 125. Condsidering I started in the last row I was pretty happy with passing 45 people and not getting lapped. I noticed improvement in my barrier crossing and remounts. The time my riders on the team spend training I spend building frames in my shop, so my racing is purely for fun and to get a good weekend workout in. One of the most fun things about New England (and any cross race I’ve been to for that matter) is the genuinely nice people at the race before, during and after the riding. Saying hi and exchanging words with Richard Sachs, Mike Zanconato, Adam Myerson, Andrew from October, Marty from Geekhouse, and all the riders you come to know. Everyone is so friendly and encouraging; its really just a ton of fun. Next week I’ll be racing in Plymouth, MA. Hope to see you there!

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