Christain Lear’s Road Bicycle: Complete

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Yesterday I completed Christain Lear’s road bicycle and this thing is a light! His frame is nearly a 58cm and weighs in at a feathery light weight of 17lb 7oz. I am sure we could get it down in the 16 lb range with some carbon wheels and bars. Christain is a member of the armed forces and he first contact me while deployed in Iraq. As I type this he is on his way back home for good; travelling through Kuwait before he gets back to American soil. He is originally from Iowa, but now lives in Colorado. I had a special Iowa state flag made by the amazing team down at SSS Ink in North Carolina. Once I receive the dcecal on Tuesday I will apply it that night and ship the bike out on Wednesday. I will be sending this frames to his local bike shop in Colorado for reassembly. When I ship a complete bike out to a customer I completely build it to completetion so that I know everything fits and if I need to make any small changes I can do so easily. I then unbolt the handlebars, pedals and rear derailleur, remove the the seatpost/saddle, and buble wrap everything way more than I think I need to. Upon receipt at the bike shop it is very easy for them to reassemble the bicycle and they typically don’t even have to adjust the cables (though I have them double check). When its all put back together the customer, Christain in this case, can walk into the bike shop and pick up the bike all ready to go.

Here are some of the build specifics:
Columbus Spirit Steel Tubing from Italy
ROL Race SL Wheels
Chris King NoThreadSet
RAM Red Gruppo
Thomson Bar and Stem
Michelin PRO Race Tires
Fizik ALiante Gamme Saddle

This bicycle was a complete joy to work on and it felt great to be working on something for someone dedicating years of his life to servicing our country.  Thank you Christain!

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