Canton Cup Cross Race Report 10.31.09: Maietta

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Posted by Maietta Factory Racer Anthony Maietta
The Canton Cup is fast becoming one of the most popular events on the local cyclocross scene.  I think this is happening for a number of reasons: never falls on a Verge or USGP weekend, is very easy to get to, and for me personally the Cat 4 race starts at a very comfortable 10:15am…a real treat when you’re used to 8:00am starts.  There were 119 pre-registered riders in my Cat 4 race and I think 130 toed up to the start line!  That’s a ton for a non-UCI race.  The last two years the race has fallen a week or so before Halloween and my wife and I have made a pretty fun day out of the Canton race in the a.m. and a trip to Salem, MA in the afternoon.  I remember a few years ago I had gone to a costume party the night before as Axel Rose with eye liner and the whole 80’s look.  I think its a good thing I don’t know this, but apparently eye liner doesn’t come off in the shower, so I show up the race in the morning in my warmup kit and all this eye makeup.  Now some people will show up in costume to this race and you know it, but I think I threw perople for a loop…is it a costume or is he just a guy were eye line?  Funny to say the least.  I think you can see a pic of it here.

This year Canton was my first race of the season.  Unfotunately I missed most of the first half of the season with a combination of travel for my day job and building bike in the shop.  Its a very hard balance to strike having a full time day job (that takes me away to British Columbia once a month), a part time custom framebuilding business, trying to stay in shape for races and trying to maintain a healthy marraige at home!  Canton fell of the schedule well so I decided to suit up.  I received our new team skinuits in the mail the previous day and we were all very pumped to wear them.  Combine the skinsuits with our matching Lazer helmets and you really feel like a team.  The course is on a school grounds with a ton of varying terrain and always changes dramatically throughout the course of the day.  During warmups the asphalt nature trail on the back half of the course is always very very (very) slick; especially because the preceeding section is typically very muddy.  By the time the Elites go I think it’s pretty dry, but its always the most slick for the riders with the least amount of handling skill!  There were a bunch of crash during warmups and I saw Bruce Kampsten in the parking lot with his right knee three times the normal size!  The race went as well as I could have hoped for such a lack of training on my part.  Our race was only three laps and I finished close to the top half.  I’ll be doing Northampton next Sunday and I am super excited to see and old friend Aaron Meburg on the prereg list.  See you there.

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