Maietta Factory Racing Team Helmets – Lazer Genesis

Lazer Genesis

Posted by Maietta Factory Racer David Chiu

One thing that really brings a team kit together is the helmet, in a market dominated by Bell/Giro and Specialized (for good reason, fantastic products) it’s often hard to stand out. Even for us racers, looking for a teammate in a sea of sameness gets a bit daunting. Helmets are a tough product to bring to market, as there are different safety standards in the United States and in Europe leading to a limited availability on this side of the pond, and often the alternatives that are available over here cost just as the market dominators but are are poorly ventelated, weigh a ton, and are generic knockoffs of eachother all pumped out of the same facility w/ different graphics. And then there’s Lazer, a Belgian maker founded in 1919, that is readily available in the U.S. and passing US Safety Standards. The team this year is on the Genesis model from Lazer which is reasonably priced, light weight, well ventelated (w/ deep connected channels for good airflow), and as one of the best retention systems available.

When it comes to helmets, there are very few requirements; first and foremost it’s got to work, the CPSC sticker inside tells me this. Next, it needs to fit well and ventelate properly, and I wouldn’t mind if it looked pretty awesome to boot.

The venetlation on the Genesis is very good thanks to two important features. First, the helmet’s well placed 19 large vents and interconnected channels inside the helmet that connect the vents together… an important feature too often neglected by lesser helmets. What good is a vent if it’s just dammed up by your forehead? Second, the retention system pulls double duty and does more than just mash your forehead into the front of the helmet, there is a wire loop that runs around the entirety of the helmet, gently and evenly tightening the retention system around your head for a secure hold but also allowing for airflow around your head, often a feature only found in helmets at nearly twice the pricepoint.

Helmets are always a good idea, I’ve crashed more than enough times to know that, no one ever plans on needing a helmet, that’s why they’re called accidents. Helmets also wear out and need to be replaced every few years or so (3 to 5 years is the general guideline, the effectiveness of the foam is said to degrade over time and exposure to UV radiation) depending on how much you ride, I replace mine almost every year, as the pads and straps begin to wear out and they take on more and more minor damage from the torments of travel. And if you’re going to spend time in a helmet, it might as well feel good and do a good job. When you’re wearing a quality helmet that’s a good fit and well ventelated, you’ll hardly notice it’s even there! So when placing your order for a Maietta Handbuilt Bicycle, don’t forget a Lazer Genesis to complete your kit.


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