Coupler Cross Bike


Originally uploaded by anthony.maietta

This is the second time I have made a bike with S & S Couplers and the first time I have used cable splitters. I did some research and decided the models offered by Ritchey were the most wel lthought out and most robust. The couplers allow you to break the bicycle into two pieces and fit them into a special hard plastic case that is 26″ x 26″ x 10″ (not-coincidentally the largest size you can bring on a plane as standard baggage). The cable splitters are really slick and allow you to disconnect and reconnect the rear brake and both derailleur cables with ease.

This frame was painted, in what has become, the standard Maietta Factory Racing scheme: white with a blue pearlescent topcoat. Scott did add three personalized features: a green band on the top tube with 2005 signifying his Green Mountain Stage Race point jersey victory, a pink band on the top tube with 2008 signifying his Giro del New Jersey GC victory, and a alphabetical reminder of what place Scott was in the history of Maietta Cycling. The “Maietta Number Thirty Five” was a bit bright with the frame was nude of components, but with the rear wheel installed its actually hidden pretty well.

Scott will be racing this frame in Gloucester tomorrow and Sunday.

Good luck Scott!


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