Scott Brooks: Team Issue

Scott Brooks

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Yesterday afternoon I completed the rear triangle of Scott Brooks’ team issue bike. This is the first time I have ever completed the rear half of the bike before the front, and it was simply out of necessity. Scott’s bike will have S&S couplers on the down tube and the top tube. S&S sent the wrong top tube coupler, and since Scott will be racing this in Gloucester next weekend I didn’t have any time to waste. The correct 1 1/4″ coupler will arrive on Monday and I should be able to complete the frame that night. After that its off to paint Tuesday night and parts assembly Thursday night. I did complete the down tube with couplers and bottle bosses and it was really nice to see my braze technique now versus 20 bikes ago when I installed couplers on Watson’s Loon bike. I used solid bottom bottle bosses on the down tube to make it a completely sealed tube. I’ve done this on the last 5 or 6 bikes and I really like the idea of sealed tubes. Scott’s bike will be a racing machine at heart, but has the couplers and bottle bosses for his frequent business travels. He plans to bring this bike with him to Belgium on his honeymoon at the end of October. I need one of these bike myself for all the travelling I do…maybe this winter I can squeeze myself into the queue!

We will be having a tent in the expo area of Gloucester again this year. There will be real crowd pleasers given out this year and it should attract a lot of attention. My dream would be to have Dave Chiu’s titanium cross bike tacked and on display, but I don’t know if thats going to be possible!

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