Suckerbrook Cross Race Report 09.20.09

Posted by Maietta Factory Racer Scott Brooks

Cross season seems to start earlier and earlier every year.  Pretty soon we will be skipping the cold early season races on the road and racing cross year round.  For me though, cross really starts with Suckerbrook.  Temps were cool as I drove up there, but with a warm-up lap in my legs, the sun came out and temps started to climb.  The start of the master’s race had just about 75 guys on the line.  We would go off in three waves, 35+, then 45+, then 55+.  All of the big guns were there, so my front line, dead center starting position was key.  With the whistle sounding, I clipped in and took off.  My start was actually exceptionally well, because as we took that first left hand turn, I was second wheel.  I stayed up front for the first lap, then drifted back finding my place, just under my redzone.  I finished up 25th, which was not as good as I hoped, but not bad for the first race of the season.  The highlight of the race was hearing someone shout “Go Maietta!” as I was decked out in my new kit.  Downside was people asking where my new bike was.  I just told them to wait for Gloucester.


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