First Customer Build Shots

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“The bike rides awesome. I only took it out for about 15 miles so far as the weather has been poor back here. I plan on going out this weekend both days for some long rides if the weather cooperates. So far it is exactly what I was looking for. I feel like I am not even reaching for the handlebars and everything is right where it needs to be. I missed the ride of steel. The bike just seems like it wants to roll. I’ll talk to ya later.. Thanks again for my dream ride !!!”

I’m in the middle of a two week business trip in northern Canada and have received a nice set of photos. I just got the first pictures of Craig’s new road bike all built up and I have to say he did a darn fine job! He built it up with fairly new DuraAce components and new JagWire gold medal cables/housing. The whole things works well and I’m so glad the fit feels good and it rolls like a dream.  Craig was an absolute pleasure to work with and I plan to go for many rides with him in the near future.

Chris’ mountain frame has also seen a lot use lately. Every time I talk to him he’s telling me about the epic ride he just had.  (It’s a bit hard to swallow that when I am this far north…but I’m glad it’s working out for him!)

I’ve got a few special project lined up on the horizon. I will be ordering some titanium in the near future to begin work on the first Ti Maietta frame. Dave Chiu and I are working on the seedlings on a Maietta Factory Team for this upcoming cross season.  We’ve been talking about it for over two years now, and I think it may actually happen this year.  I’m lloking forward to talking with a lot of new customer this spring and getting more Maietta road frames tearing up the streets of New England this summer.  I also am developing a dealer account with Retul headquarters in Boulder, Colorado.  They aready have one of my cross frames and they will be building it up with components next week.  They are a professional fitting studio and I look forward to broadning my national reach with a few frames in their showroom.  I’ll keep everyone posted on how it goes!  When I get back to the shop in a week or so I’ll be wrapping up some work on my mitering jig and getting my road bike all set for the season (chain, cables, and bar tape).

Thanks for reading! Tony

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