TT After Clearing

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Last night I painted Craig’s road frame and it is about as opposite to Chris’ mountain frame as possible! The color is Toyota Super White and is complimented nicely by the gold decals. Craig chose a very simple decal program to keep a very pure and classic look to his frame. Doing such a clean frame like this after doing such an involved frame like Chris’ is a bit like having a nice lemon sorbet at the end of a amazing ribeye dinner. Both are awesome, but oh so different. This frame will be receiving a gold Chris King NoThreadSet and a painted-to-match Easton carbon fork.

I also uploaded a ton of old pictures to my Flickr Photostream yesterday. These are from the Maietta archives and now every Maietta frame has a Flickr presence. All I’ll say about the first bunch is that I am truly grateful to my friends who purchased the early bikes; as my skill then…is completely different than it is now. The most obvious improvement is the aethstetic improvement in my welding. The early stuff is still very structurally sound, but looking at 2009 welds versus 2006 welds…no comment. Early on, Mike Zanconato once told me something will “click” around frame 25, and like everything Mike tells me about framebuilding, he was right. He said it would be a turning point. I finally feel like a framebuilder…not just someone who hacks some tubes together and is able to cover sins with paint skill. Where’s the beef? Here’s the beef…and it tastes real good…like a ribeye dinner.

Lemon sorbet anyone?

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