Frame After Primer

Originally uploaded by anthony.maietta

Tonight I started painting Craig’s bike. Toby had already sandblasted the frame during the day, and I was able to just strap on the respirator and shoot the primer. I love Craig’s bike. I think its the definition of a “modern classic”…so much so…its a “classique.” The “que” turns turns the classic meter to 11. One notch higher. His frame has traditional geometry, a brazed on front derailleur hanger, head tube cable guides, Breezer dropouts, a (near) horizontal top tube, brazed seat tube clamp, and is made of steel…BUT…its made from super light weight Columbus Life steel tubing, is designed for a 1 1/8″ threadless fork, 1 3/8″ down tube, 1 1/4″ seat tube and is joined with some pretty tight TIG beads. The frame combines the beauty of a traditional road bicycle, but thrusts it into the modern age. The paint scheme will be white with gold decals. Hot. Craig’s going to be picking this up on Saturday and I can’t wait to get pictures from him after he builds it up.

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