Brake Bridge after Brazing

I like the look of lugs; there I said it.

As I’ve said many times before, I don’t build bikes with lugs because I think they restrict your design freedom by limiting your choice of tube diameters and frame geometry, but I do think they have a cool artistic look. I am a TIG’r through and through. No one does lug shaping with more originality and class than Jonny Cycles. Since I don’t use lugs I like to add a touch of class with non-design-constricting-lug-like-braze-ons; such as the brake bridge dohickies shown in the picture. I think they look narley and only add about 1 gram of weight. I also like to give the water bottle cage bosses the narley treatment. Then to top it off, I enjoy going a little hog wild with the paint (you see Chris’ mountain bike?)…though Craig’s frame here will be solid abominable snowman white with Phelps gold decals. Anyone who thinks brazing is easier than welding is a bit incorrect. It’s easy to join two pieces of metal with either technique…its another thing completely to do it and have no cleanup involved afterwards; both methods require a TON of time/practice/good technique to accomplish cleanly. Saturday morning I will be finishing the braze-ons: heat tube reinforcements, cable guides, seat tube collar and bottle bosses.

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