Running the Bead

Running the Bead

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Last night I started the seat stay welding. The dropouts and 80% of the seat tube junction were a breeze and took about 15 minutes, but the crevice under the top of the stays is one tough SOB to weld. I spent the next X number of minutes just trying to figure out how to get the tungsten electrode up in there. It reminded me of when I first was learning to weld and I felt inept doing even the most simple joint. Now I can weld with confidence doing the entire frame, so I know it’s just going to take practice to be able to do the seat stay crevice with the same measure of confidence. It’s one of those life challenges where you know that it is physically possible because a lot people can, and do, do it…and the only way to get there yourself is to suck it up and just practice your way to success.

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