One Cut: Thanks Anvil!

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Last night in the shop I cut the seat stays for Craig’s road frame using the Anvil fixture my wife and family bought me for Christmas. Man alive, that thing rules! One cut, perfectly centered, and with a quick use of the air tool at the dropout end I was done (for Wright style dropouts). Granted, I do need to get my setup time down, but I was probably just geeking out on all the awesome design features of the fixture. I also tapped the bottom bracket and brought the frame to Hot Tubes to align the frame one more time before welding the seat stays. The barrier for entry into framebuilding is pretty steep. I forget how expensive the BB tap is, but I think it’s in the $700-$800 range. There are a lot of these, single use, wicked expensive tools, that once you have…you’ll always have, but are still super expensive. Unless you build in someone else’s shop and can use their tools (like I did and slowly accumulated my own) I don’t know how you can just bust into framebuilding on your own. I saw one company do this last year here in MA, but he must have spent like $20,000 (no joke) on just startup tools. I don’t know how he did it, but kudos to him if it works out! Tomorrow night I will weld on the seat stays and begin the brazing process of all the small auxilary bits.

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