First Coat of Clear

First Coat of Clear

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Chris visited the shop yesterday as I painted his mountain frame and applied the first coat of clear. This paint job was intended to be an interpretation on the negative of his road bike I built during the summer of 2007 ( We decided to take it to 11. There are still a few more steps to this one. The inside of the down tube ambigrams are going to be filled with a ghosting to make them stand out a bit more. After the frame has cured and been baked I will wet sand the entire frame with 600 grit sandpaper so that all the layers of paint masing (lines) are completely smooth. This is actuall extremely difficult and you can really flubbed it up if you sand through the clearcoat into the paint. After the wet sanding I will remask the ambigrams and ghost the interiors to really make them pop. Finally additional coats of clear will be applied; really making the frame pop at you. More later.


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One Response to First Coat of Clear

  1. John says:

    The frame looks mint!!!! Love the color scheme. Reminds me of a Whiskeytown Racer by Mountain Goat. If I only had the extra cash..

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