Bread and Butter

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This past week I started frame number 28. It’s hard to believe it’s up to 28 now, but I just keep plugging away (about 1 a month). Having this much fun, the months just keep sliding by. This will be a ‘bread and butter’ frame for me. It’s a classic road bicycle for someone with a day job who likes to get home and hammer out 30-40 miles to release the day. This is the riding I do, and this is the bicycle I love to build. I don’t know how a framebuilder can build a bike for a disipline they don’t do. There are so many subtle nuances to building a frame for someone that you only know when you can relate and imagine yourself riding that particular bike. I can’t put into words specific examples on parts of a bike, but it’s just an inate feeling you get when your’re welding, or mitering, or even painting the frame. I love building road bikes for people who get jittery in a cubicle thinking about the ride at the end of the day

This frame will be the first completely mitered and built 100% in my new shop. I had been using the mitering system I built for Hot Tubes as an intern, and had never really taken the time the get my setup dialed in (then taking the mitered tubes into my shop and building it from there). I mitered the front triangle on my Nichols horizontal milling machine with a custom setup of wire EDM cut blocks and a rotary table. It needs a few more tweaks to get everything dialed in for tube length, but for intents and purposes its ready to go. Next week I’ll be mitering the chain stays and seat stays on my Anvil fixtures. Have I mentioned how nice it is to have the right tools to do the job? The miters came out super tight and is going to be a dream to weld. The tubing is Columbus Life and will yield a super light frame for Craig down in Connecticut.


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