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Though my slash will never be as cool as Guns and Roses’, I really happen to the like the one in my personal framebuilding description. When I was an intern at Hot Tubes during college I learned to paint first. Well, actually, I learned to hand sand carbon frames for repaint…for hours on end… before I learned to paint. It was only after a few year of painting as an intern before I learned to weld and braze, so I’ve never felt like painting was an after-thought. There’s always been that distinction in my head that I learned to paint before I learned to build.

I really enjoy the painting process. I TIG weld all my frames because I feel it offers an opportunity to design a frame without limitations on tube diameter or geometry, but don’t get me wrong, I love the artistic nuances of custom lugs. My artistic ambitions are realized through paint, rather than hand filed lug shorelines.

Last night I started the painting process on Chris’ mountain frame. His mountain bike is going to be the negative of his road bike:

First I soaked the frame in a solution of water and rust preventative at 200F and let it air dry overnight. As you can see in the picture the frame entered the sandblaster to receive a thorough cleaning. The sandblasting lightly roughens the steel surface to so the expoxy primer in the next step better adheres to the frame.

There will be pictures of the primer application tonight.


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