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So I was in my shop for about 2 hours tonight and as I was driving home I was thinking about my time there. Since I’m not afforded the opportunity to be there whenever I want to I always seem to be thinking about the shop when I’m gone. I’m always thinking about how much time I’ll be able to allot to stay there before my other adventures pull me away. Such was the case today; I knew I had about 2 hours to work before I had to get home and pack for a weekend in the Adirondacks. Chris’ mountain bike still needed a chain stay bridge and bridges between the seat stays and chain stays. Also, the frame needed some clean-up work to file a few braze-ons. My welding has got to the point where I rerally don’t need to file anything smooth, but brazing always needs a bit of time to file off some excess silver. I really don’t like this part of the manufacture process because I just keep on thinking about if I had just brazed this thing or that thing better I wouldn’t have to be filing. Every frame I build is the best one yet and every braze seems to be executed with more precision than the previous. Since I am so focused when I get in the shop I focus very intently on making those 2 hours the best possible. Tonight I really focused on making those three bridges the best possible. I think three bridge came out really well tonight and weill require virtually no filing to make smooth. Chris’ frame is the best one I’ve built to date

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