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Today I received my new Anvil seat stay mitering frixture. It was a Christmas present from my wife and a number of my family members. They actually pitched in to buy me glassblowing classes at The Worcester Center for Crafts, but the school closed due to the economy a week before my session was to begin. So…I was able to buy a new fixture for framebuilding with the refunded money. Seat stays, epecially s-bend stays are typically very hard to get accurate and symetrical, but with the new Anvil fixture I will be able to quickly and accurately mitre the stays for a fastback interface. The seat stay fixture is the tall piece of equipment in the picture. I have very limited time in my shop ro build bicycles, as I maintain a full time day job as an engineer and I have a lovely new wife at home. Over the past year I have been acquiring tools to EFFICIENTLY manufacture bicycle frames. I am not of the ideology that everything has to be done by hand with a file. If there is a machine and fixture to make the job more ACCURATE then I am interested. The stuff that Don Ferris and Anvil put out are EXTREMELY well thought out and allow framebuilders to make better products more efficiently…music to an engineer’s ear. Over the next month or so I will be installing these pieces of equipment on my horizontal spindle milling machine. My goal is to SMED the chain stay and seat stay fixture…Single Minute Exchange of Dies…a system where I will be able to accurately and quickly change out the fixtures. I’ll keep you all posted.


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