Final Stretch on Chris’ Mountain Bike


Originally uploaded by anthony.maietta

Chris’ hardtail mountain bike is in the final stretch at my shop in Shirley. I spent a few hours in the shop yesterday morning aligning the frame and doing all the misc braze ons. The frame needed very little adjustment. The seat tube was about 2 mm out of alignment and the rear dropouts were about 3 mm off. These were some very minor tweaks; and once they were complete I cut the bridges for the seat stays and chain stays. Tuesdays are typically my late night in the shop and I’ll post some pictures of those brazed on after I get home. The braze ons for Chris’ bike are pretty cool. All the cables will be routed along the top of the bike to keep them as free from dirt/mud contamination as possible. The rear derailleur will have full housing all the way back and the rear brake will use the hydraulic line. He plans to use a CamelBack while riding, but we’re still going to put one bottle cage on the seatube. The down tube is going to be one uninterrupted 1.5″ diameter beauty…it’s going to be a painter’s dream. Oh yeah, the paint job, y’all better buckle your seat belts for this one. Chris is going to visit the shop on painting day to get full documentation.

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