Vancouver, BC 11.2008





Things have been quite hectic since my last entry.  I hold a day job as a mechanical engineer and a product I designed has afforded me the opportunity to travel about a week a month this year.  Nearly all of the travelling has taken place in Canada.  Since I completed the Mexico bicycle about a month ago I have spent 2 weeks in northern British Columbia and 1 week in Maine at my parent’s house over Thanksgiving.  I was in BC the week before Thanksgiving and was foruntate to spend one day in Vancouver before my business took me north to Forst Saint John.  Vancouver is one of the three most beautiful cities I have ever been to.  The other 2?  Amserdam and Florence.  The public park in Vancouver, Stanley Park,  is unbelievable and has one of the last old growth cedar forests left in North America.  I’m told its the third largest public park in the world behind Central Park and Hyde Park, but I can’t verify this.  It has been difficult to get into a rhythm framebuiling this past month, but it should ramp back up very soon after the New Year.  One of the benefits of TIG welding my frames is the ability to do contract welding.  I’ve picked up a few contracts recently and its helped pay down a few startup bills and has given me ample practice time under the helmet.  My technique has developed into a the respectable zone, and the only way to get up with the masters the continued practice; because once you know the logistics of what to do, the only way to get better is to actually do it.  The next bike in the queue is for my best friend Christoper Vigneau.  His road bike was pretty early on and received a pretty HOT paint job.  His next bike will be a hardtail mountain bike and the paint scheme will be a negative of his road bike.  I have a few surprises for Chris on this build…


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